Baby Breastfeeding Covers    

Nursing Covers for breastfeeding in public


Littlebuttercups nursing covers are handmade  by a mum living in Waterford.  Most of our covers are made from 100% cotton with a rigid neck line to keep eye contact between mum and baby. The breastfeeding covers are one generous size Approx- 90 cm Width 35 cm Lenght. 

Nursing covers were designed by a mum in the US, who felt the need for a product that new mums could use to help them regain their confidence while Breastfeeding in public. 

As a mother I fully appreciate the pressure placed on women to successfully breastfeed their newborns and the difficulties often faced trying to do so in public places. Our Nursing Covers for Breastfeeding in Public give you the freedom to get out and about with your little one while maintaining your privacy. 

The covers give you confidence and reassurance when going out with baby- knowing you can slip the cover over your head like an apron and breastfeed anywhere with comfort. The discreet covers can be custom made for special occasions or to suit an outfit- you can send us an email (

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Breastfeeding Covers by Littlebuttercups