Baby Breastfeeding Covers    

Littlebuttercups supports mums with a range of beautiful Breastfeeding / Nursing Covers to allow for Discreet Breastfeeding in all situations. There are many fabulous supports for breastfeeding mothers, you're not on your own - your local chemist and the nationwide breastfeeding support group Cuidiu is at the other end of the phone to help with any concerns, worries and advice for you at any time. Once you get over the first couple of weeks you'll be an expert. If you're like a lot of mothers and are shy about breastfeeding in public, our discreet breastfeeding nursing aprons will help you to get your social life back while protecting your modesty. 

Breast milk is the only natural food for newborns it contains exactly what your babies body and brain requires to grow healthy and strong - it contains living antibodies, its rich in protein, fatty acids and compounds that just can't be copied, each mum has her own unique composition to suit her own growing baby and it changes from week to week- its incredible, it also contains cells that protect baby from disease and cancer and its absolutly Free!!

We would welcome any enquiries from breastfeeding support groups and colleges who would like a sample cover for demonstrations. Any individuals who need a cover but haven't the means to buy one are welcome to contact us through the email link above.

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