Baby Breastfeeding Covers    



nairobi breastfeeding cover


Polka Dot Breastfeeding Cover by Littlebuttercups

        Polka Dot
       Sold Out

   Little Blossom

Butterfly by littlebuttercups


Midnight flower nursing cover

   Midnight Flower


   Mid Summer Magic

flowerburst nursing cover









 Baby Woolen Blanket

Be-spoke woolen bablebuttercupsy blanket by Litt

Beautifully handcrafted Irish Woolen Baby blanket, 

Perfect bespoke gift for a Newborn Baby, that will last generations! lovingly hand-knitted by a local crafts lady here in Waterford. The blanket is a perfect size for a

buggy or  rock-a-tot. Approx size is 22" W 25" L. 

Bespoke Newborn Baby Blanket 1 in stock - can be made to order.



Benefits of breastfeeding covers

Easy to put on with one hand.
Maintain eye contact with baby.
Switch breast with ease.
One generous size.

No need for breastfeeding tops.

Can be used as a handy sun/wind shade.

The Littlebuttercups Breastfeeding covers are handmade in Waterford for Mums who feel more at ease with discreet breastfeeding. The covers make a lovely new born gift for any Mums considering Breastfeeding. Mums can enjoy going out with their newborn especially in public places or visiting family and friends knowing they can discreetly feed baby while enjoying being social. 

The nursing covers can be purchased securely through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account you can pay with any credit card, if you click on the Buy Now button it will give you the options on the right hand bottom of the page. Postage takes one to two days! Please feel free to leave a comment in the guestbook link above. If you have any queries or requests for a nursing cover in a different colour please contact us at All very welcome.


 Postage is included in the price